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                Ten Ten Whitetails in the beautiful Texas Hill Country is just a short distance from the Lost Maples State Park. We are excited to announce a NEW High Fence section of the ranch for more specific exotic and year round hunting. We also still offer prime low fence free range hunting.  

                There are 5 top of the line tower blinds for rifle hunting and multiple spots for bow hunting, as well as spot & stalk hunting. All hunts are fully guided or semi-guided depending on group and your desired experience.


                The DAY RATE for hunting is $250/day per hunter.

                Non-hunters are $50/day (limit 2 on each hunt- this can be adjusted).

                Group rates/discounts are available. 


               Quartering/Caping is available for $25/animal. Fully functioning cleaning station with deep freeze, scale and refrigerator if you need storage while you hunt or choose to clean your own game.

                We feed a mixture of corn, alfalfa & protein year round via at least 10 feeders, 2 protein feeders and by feeding all of our roads. We also seasonally offer other "treats" to entice new animals or as needed for supplementation. 


          AXIS (LF/HF)                                                  RED DEER (LF/HF)                                    FALLOW (HF) (None Avail)

 $400 Axis does                                                   $650 Red Deer Hind (Doe)                      $650 Fallow Doe

 $850 Axis spike                                                  $1250 Red Stag Spike                                 $1000 Fallow Spike

 $1,800 Up to 25" Axis Buck                           $1850 Red Stag 6 Points & Under           $2000 Management Buck

 $2,000 26-30" Axis Buck                               $2250 Red Stag  7-10 Points                    $2500-4500 Trophy Buck

 $2,500 31"+ Axis Buck                                    $2750 Red Stag 11-14 Points

 $3,000 36”+ Axis Buck                                   $3000 Red Stag 15 Points +

 AOUDAD (LF/HF)                                                   BLACKBUCK (HF)                                RIO GRANDE TURKEY

$400 Aoudad Ewe ($350 2+ taken)            $400 Blackbuck doe                                    $500 (2 birds)

$1500 Aoudad Ram up to 24"                      $1850 Blackbuck up to 17"                          $375 (1 bird)

$2000 Aoudad Ram 25-28"                         $2000 Blackbuck 18-20"                            Add-on turkeys are $250.

$2500 Aoudad Ram 29-30"                         $2500 Blackbuck 21-22"                      

$3000 Aoudad Ram 31-34"                          $3000 Blackbuck 23"+

$ASK Aoudad Ram 35"+


FERAL HOG                                                            BOBCAT                        MOUNTAIN LION  

$250/day unlimited hogs.                                 $350                                   $3500                                                  



   2021/22 Whitetail Season: 


  • $350/ doe

  • $550/ whitetail buck spike.

  • $1000 Buck up to 6 Points

  • $1250  Buck 7 or 8 Points. 

  • $2000 9 pt buck or better.

  • Day rate and lodging additional.

Lodging available through our B&B, Old Town Utopia B&B, 20 miles from ranch.

This is available at a discounted rate of $75/night/per hunter.

B&B can be seen HERE.

Also, available new cabin lodging 10 miles from ranch for $130/night. 

Many package deals available. Military/ First Responder discount of 10%. Group Discounts. 

Contact us today, we can work something out for your next hunt!


A look around the ranch in pictures and successful hunts.


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Whos the Man?
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         This is our personal family ranch. We are not outfitters hunting on someone else's property. Our goal with this ranch is to manage the game in the best interests of the property and provide an enjoyable experience to those hunting with us. We put a lot of time and effort into every hunt, and between hunts, to provide an unmatched experience for our hunters. 

         The property itself is absolutely breathtaking. The landscape changes between deep 100-200' canyon to wooded oak fields on the top land. Picturesque views of the surrounding canyons and hills can be had from virtually every blind.

         There are 5 top of the line tower blinds and several Bow Hunting areas serving at least 10 feeders and two 2500lb protein feeders. We also corn the roads and have alfalfa and other "treats" around. Hunting from the blinds (some lighted for night hunting) , spot and stalk from a Kawasaki Mule and hunting by foot are available.

         We cater every hunt specifically to each group, or single hunter, and our aim is to provide you with a hunt you never want to forget!! Our business is built on word of mouth from hunter's like you, plenty of references available.

          Lodging is available through our Bed and Breakfast, Old Town Utopia B&B.. We do not allow alcohol on the ranch during any hunts.


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